What Sound Does A Deer Make?

Deer trying to talk by making sounds

If you’ve ever heard a deer, then you’ll have noticed that it makes all kinds of different sounds. You might just assume that they’re random noises, without any reason behind them, but you may be … Read more

Can Deer Swim? How Far and How Fast?

Deer swimming in water

When we think of deer, we picture them prancing through meadows of wildflowers; nuzzling aside rusty autumn leaves to forage for food in twilight; or perhaps having a slurp, sending ripples expanding across an otherwise … Read more

Why Would A Deer Be By Itself?

Dee by itself in the wild

It’s common knowledge that deer live in herds, as their traveling in numbers protects against predators when out in the open, but if this is indeed the case, why is it so common for us … Read more

Do Deers Eat Rabbits?

Deer eating grass

It’s fairly common knowledge that deers are herbivores. For those that don’t know, that means that they predominantly graze on vegetation. Their digestive system is designed to be apple to process plants incredibly well and … Read more

Do Deer Move In The Rain?

Deer moving in rain

Deer are reclusive creatures at the best of times, doing their best to stay out of sight, and thus, out of harm’s way, so you’d imagine they’d be particularly inclined to hunker down in a … Read more